Social Studies

Social Studies and Geography lie under the umbrella of Social Sciences. At Okaihau College social studies is a year 7 to 10 subject and geography is an NCEA subject offered at levels 1, 2, and 3.
The learning area has four conceptual strands which are Identity, Culture and Organisation, Place and Environment, Continuity and Change and the Economic World. Learning for our students is based on level 4 and 5 achievement objectives. These explain what the students are expected to understand at each level. Themes and topics studied at each level are used to enable an understanding of the achievement objectives and the ideas or concepts from the four conceptual strands. Typically each unit of learning lasts for one term and includes skills which relate to the topic for example mapping and graphing. Formative and summative assessments indicate to students where they sit in reaching an understanding of the learning objective. There are a variety of assessment methods which include presenting research, making static images, producing booklets and pamphlets, power points and cartoon stories. End of year exams at years 9 and 10 provide experience for assessment conditions which will be experienced at NCEA levels.
The progression from social studies is to geography. Typically NCEA geography is tailored to the needs of the students who choose to study it. It includes both external and internal standards at each level and a course will offer between 16 and 20 credits.