College Rules

Okaihau College Head Students 2016

1. The possession or use of drugs, cigarettes, tobacco, alcoholor solvents is not permitted at, or on the way to and from, College.

2. School uniforms, as prescribed, must be worn at all times. NO accessories, other than a wristwatch may be worn with the junior uniform. Head bands / hair ties must be black, green or white.

3. The use of, borrowing of, or interfering with the possessions of another pupil without permission of the owner is forbidden.

4. The chewing of gum is prohibited.

5. Musical instruments, portable music devices, headphones etc. are not permitted at school. School will not be held responsible if they are brought to school and are misplaced.

6. The use of cell phones and cell phones with headphones in class is prohibited. The school will not be held responsible if they are brought to school and misplaced.

7. Pupils must behave in a responsible manner at all times and in no way bring discredit to the college.

8. Pupils must be neat and tidy at all times. Clothes and shoes must be clean. Hair must be tidy and clean. Makeup is not to be worn.

9. Students with pierced ears may wear studs and keepers only.

10. Students who need to leave the College grounds during the school day must sign out at the Student Centre and present a signed note from their parent/caregiver.

11. All pupils representing the College at a sport must wear the official uniform for that sport.

12. All absences must be explained by a note signed by parent/caregiver, phone call to the main office or email to



  • Taonga may be worn beneath clothing.
  • All articles of clothing must be marked with the owner’s name.
  • Medical and dental appointments must be notified to form teachers prior to the appointment.
  • Large sums of money and valuables are to be given to the Student Centre staff for safekeeping.