Music at Okaihau College

The study of music involves many different aspects including listening, playing and creating. Students going through the music program at Okaihau College will be exposed to music from different parts of the world, using musical instruments, learn music literacy and will create music using composition skills and music technology.

The year 7 & 8 program looks at introducing students to the aspects mentioned above so they can get a sense of what is possible in music and might consider choosing music as an option in the future.

The year 9 & 10 program is an option subject and goes into more depth. Students going through this program will get a better understanding of music literacy and gain more knowledge about the elements of music. Practice, performance and music creation are also key aspects of this course.

Senior music is not able to be offered in 2019 but senior students are still able to take music lessons through our itinerant program which currently offers: keyboard, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, flute and violin.