At Okaihau College, Science is a compulsory subject for all Year 7 – 11 students and in the senior school, we have specialist teachers for the three science subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The Science Department is well resourced with three fully equipped laboratories. We have a set of tablets, data projectors in each laboratory, class sets of text books for every level, and all the equipment to support the practical activities and experiments that are essential to the programs.

Our teachers are committed to providing meaningful, relevant courses that foster curiosity. In all topics in the junior school, teachers have memorable hands-on activities that excite and inform the students. Making, measuring, trialling, investigating, dissecting, modelling, observing and communicating are some of the skills that are developed.

Not all learning takes place in the classroom. All students in Year 10 are taken on a day trip to visit the Limestone Cliffs in the Waihou Valley, the forest at the Manginangina Kauri Scenic Reserve and the hot pools and Top Energy Power Station in the Ngawha Geothermal area. This field work develops the students’ understanding of the Carbon Cycle and the Geology of the local area. The NCEA Level 2 Biology class also visits Opito Bay to study the Rocky Shore Community.

We are proud of the high level of achievement in the NCEA Level 2 and 3 assessments in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students receive individual attention and they feel well supported. Many graduates of our school, have gained tertiary qualifications in medicine, engineering, geology, resource management and many other science fields. The feed-back we get when these past students visit our department, is most rewarding.