Special Needs Department – Rangimarie.

Our Special Needs Department, Rangimarie, consists of an amazing, dedicated team of ten Teacher Aides, two part time Specialist Teachers (Mr Nick Fulton and Mr Peter Woodward), our Head of the Department (Mrs Theresa Nicolson aka Mrs N) and a group of wonderfully diverse students. Each member of our team brings their own talents, a desire to make a difference for those in our care and empathy to meet the many different needs of the students we work with.

We cater for a variety of students with special needs within the school, ranging from one on one support for ORRS funded students both in mainstream classes and in individualised programmes delivered in Rangimarie, to classroom support for individual students identified as needing learning support and behaviour support for mainstream students needing social guidance.

Rangimarie staff also co-ordinate the KidsCan and Sanitarium donations which enable us to provide free breakfast, morning tea and lunch for our students as well as various uniform items.

Our departmental motto “Let the uniqueness of the student guide our work by highlighting individual strengths” is at the forefront of our practice. We aim to provide tailored learning experiences which enhance students hauora (total wellbeing) and recognise their place in society. We work closely with whanau and outside agencies to ensure that we are delivering relevant, student centred programmes that suit their specific needs.

Rangimarie is a special part of Okaihau College where all students are welcomed and are made to feel valued. Above all, we love what we do and our students enjoying being part of Rangimarie!