Your Rights

  1. To be treated with fairness, respect and without prejudice.
  2. To be listened to.
  3. To learn without being disrupted
  4. To be given the opportunity to reach my full potential.
  5. To work in a pleasant environment.
  6. To feel secure.
  7. To know that my property is safe.

Your Responsibilities

  1. To treat everyone with fairness, respect and without prejudice.
  2. To listen to what others are saying.
  3. Not to disrupt the learning of others.
  4. To take advantage of opportunities and make a genuine effort.
  5. To do what I can to make the environment pleasant for others.
  6. To respect the safety and well being of others.
  7. To look after and respect property, the property of others and school property.


The following PDF file explains in easy to understand language what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. It is important that all students are aware of there legal responsibilities when researching information which forms part of their work and how to use it. Click here to read more.